Brute Force - Firewood Processor Manufacturer

Brute Force Sales is a dealer for Brute Force Distributing.

The BRUTE FORCE line of firewood processors sprang from a humble wood stove manufacturing and repair shop in Northern Wisconsin . Owner, Josh Szydel’s knack for locating a need and filling it has led to the manufacture and installation of over 500 BRUTE FORCE water jacket and forced air stoves though-out the upper Midwest and beyond. BRUTE FORCE now manufactures 5 models of firewood processors, 2 log splitters as well as other firewood equipment that is suitable for most any size firewood producer.

Josh has been one of the top dealers for a leading manufacturer of firewood processors for many years, and as with the wood stoves, necessity drove the creation of the BRUTE FORCE Firewood Processors. There simply wasn’t a firewood processor available for a reasonable price that could produce up to 3.5 cords per hour and handle crooked logs up to 26” in diameter. So Josh and his team set to work filling that market niche.

The team at BRUTE FORCE, is proud of the quality and value of our firewood processors and encourages you to shop and compare, and see the BRUTE FORCE DIFFERENCE for yourself. We’re confident that you won’t find better value, quality of construction, or service after the sale.

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