Firewood Processor Financing

Acquiring Your Equipment Has Never Been Easier!

Below are three companies that we’ve worked with to successfully fund our firewood processors and other equipment. Call Craig, Corey or Tom for all your commercial equipment finance needs.

Ascentium Capital

Ascentium Capital is a leading provider of equipment and technology financing solutions. Our unique finance platform, combined with exceptional customer service, paves the way for fast, flexible financing for virtually any business need.

Our customers are our primary focus, in everything we do.  Business owners know that time, like money, is a prized commodity. At Ascentium Capital, we’ll save you time and get you the money you need to capitalize on all business opportunities.

  • Profit Oriented Advice – Working with you, our finance specialists will develop a finance program to match your unique business needs
  • Streamlined Financing Platform – Surpassing industry standards, we extend application-only up to $250,000 and provide most credit decisions in two hours or less and offer extended finance terms
  • Online tools and technology solutions enhance the financing experience and put you, the client, in control

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Craig Colling
Senior VP Sales
Phone: 281.902.1444
Mobile: 602.402.9672
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SLS Financial

Many business owners recognize the fact that financing provides the capital needed to acquire equipment quickly and easily. The utilization of financing also allows working capital to remain WORKING & bank lines of credit to remain intact. For your convenience consider our uncomplicated approach.

SLS Financial Services provide a simple, fast, and convenient array of financing and leasing products to meet your specific business needs. Simply complete our on-line finance application to get started.

  • Quick and easy approval & funding process
  • Conserve cash flow – let your equipment pay for itself
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Financing for most types of new and used equipment
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Preserves your bank borrowing lines for other business requirements
  • Tax advantaged products available.

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Corey Stansbury
Finance Manager
Phone: 605.444.1104
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ACG Equipment Finance

We understand the headwinds and tailwinds that face small business. And we get that each piece of equipment is a source of revenue opportunity. It may be the chance to bid on a bigger project, service more customers or reduce maintenance costs. So each time you consider making the investment in equipment, you don’t take it lightly. This stuff is expensive.

You see, ACG is a small business too. We take our in-depth knowledge of your industry, the equipment and a first hand knowledge of how small businesses should be treated and combine it with big time financing resources that the biggest of boys have trouble matching.

We think you deserve more than being treated like a bunch of numbers on an application and position you for success now matter which way the winds are blowing for you.

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Tom Raglow
Vice President
Phone: 866-807-8610
Cell: 440-231-1901
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